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Artistic Icon with Paula Goldstein

Upon meeting Paula Goldstein Di Principe, it’s very hard not to be intimated; she’s brilliant, gorgeous, well-traveled, and effortlessly cool. Oh and she’s also the newly named fashion director of Refinery 29. Thankfully, she’s also a dream, as we learned recently when sitting down with the founder of Voyage D’Etudes herself. She graciously answered our every inquiry while we watched in awe as she brought our CFDA partnership and collaboration with Domingo Zapata, to life! 

Describe yourself in five words?
Curious, Clumsy, Mystical, Dreamer, Nomad.

Outlook for 2015?
This is the year to do - things are happening in a VERY Big way.

Words to live by?
Make friends and they will show the world.

Most recent getaway?
I'm constantly travelling for work but the last time I really pressed pause was last summer when I just fell out of society for a month and travelled the length of Italy from an artist residency to a 15th century castle.

Sartorial secret weapon?
Not caring too much.

Where do you feel most inspired?
Curled up with my girl friends just about anywhere.

Ultimate style muse?
Laura Bailey.

Skin secret?
It's really boring: water and sunscreen. I also love Creme de la Mer face masks for flying.

caroline vreeland black white
paula goldstein refinery

Favorite medium?
Photography – it’s the one I kept studying when the rest fell by the wayside.

Can't live without?

Most favorite meal?
A proper english Sunday Roast - if you haven't tried a Yorkshire Pudding you haven't lived.

Happy place?
Home - although that’s very much where the heart is right now with things all over the globe.

Book on your nightstand?
The Art of Joy by Goliarda Sapienza

Favorite snack?
Chocolate-covered almonds though I'm scared to eat them now in case they are causing the drought.

domingo zapata paula