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Christen Press, fresh off her win with the Women’s National team at the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup, is changing the way women are viewed in athletics. Over the course of her 10+ year career, Press has grown from singular forward to team leader, attributing her team’s success to their individual bonds, trust and respect for one another. Off the field, Press is an advocate for inclusivity, embarking on the launch of her purpose-led lifestyle brand re-inc along with teammates Tobin Heath, Megan Rapinoe, and Meghan Klingenberg. Now that’s an #AOBOSSBABE.

The Interview


Do you have any tips on how to regain confidence after defeat?

I don’t believe in defeat. I think that’s just a word to evaluate expectations and place labels on things. I believe that every life experience is a gift to be cherished. Some of my proudest moments have come from how I respond to loss.

How do you find ways to dedicate time to yourself?

I have daily rituals that I prioritize over anything else which includes meditation and a self-care routine. I know that discipline and self-love are the two most essential ingredients to my life happiness and career growth.

What do you think is your duty is as a role model? 

I think my duty as a role model is to present a different way of being. The world is set up for public figures that have appealing outward brands. I live to develop and build myself from the inside. I am a complicated person. I do not seek outside validation. I do not see true value in many of the same things that people covet: social approval, traditional success, even money.

What initially sparked your involvement and dedication to soccer?

I have always been motivated to play for two things: my mom and my dad. They have been obsessed with my soccer career since I was a child. If it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t be here. I mean that in two ways. Firstly, they gave me the tools and confidence to succeed and pushed me every day. Secondly, they cared so deeply about soccer that they provided me with the type of unspoken motivation and fuel that is incomparable.

Is there anything else you’d like to accomplish professionally?

I have been CEO for 1 year of a purpose-led lifestyle brand called re—inc. I have so many professional goals with this company. We exist to challenge the status quo, championing equity, diversity, progress, and art. I love organizing and communicating and especially learning. Despite having had many joys and blessings in my career as a footballer, I can say easily that this has been one of the most enjoyable experiences of my professional life.

How much room do you make for beauty and fashion in your life?

I love beauty and fashion, especially how it allows us to express our unique styles and selves and challenge norms. I get ready super quickly as I am very decisive and efficient. But I also enjoy the simple pleasures. There’s nothing more glamorous than puffing your perfume before you leave the house.


What have you learned from being a part of a team?

I love LOVE being on a team. I believe that everything in the forest is the forest. That we are all connected and always on a team, even though we often don’t see it that way. I believe in cheering for people because I know there is enough sun for everyone. Teamwork is cultivating a culture of abundance. Collectively, we will always be more than the sum of our parts.

What do you do to deal with pressure?

I have developed a self-care routine that gets me through every day, not just the high-pressure games or situations. In that way, I try to maintain some stability and regularity when those big moments come along. Through meditation and mindfulness, I’ve learned that the sun always rises the next day. Stress is created by a lifestyle and choice that we make every day to accept attachments and expectations. Without attachments and expectations, there is no pressure or stress. There is only bliss.

What do you enjoy most about being an athlete?

I believe that like art, sports are one of the most attainable ways to reach transcendence, to become more than yourself, to get in touch with the greater spirit of the universe. By playing soccer, I honor my mother and father, to whom my career means so much.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Everyone can be the person they want to be. Do not be discouraged. We’ve been programmed into habits that cause our own suffering. We can be free of suffering through letting go and cultivating self love. ♥

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