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“Fashion is art, the clothes we design are meant to be a wearable creative expression....” says Creative Designer and CEO Stacey Bendet.

Drawing from this notion, the Fall 2024 collection from alice + olivia revisits various significant visual art movements, serving as a reminder that fashion is truly an art form.

“People are influenced by daily social-media trends, which can be so transient, I want to create more awareness for the time, detail, and creativity that designers put into each piece of clothing we make. I hope our alice + olivia community collects pieces from this collection like pieces of art! Yes, we have casual jeans and beautiful tailored trousers, but the idea is that they can all be styled uniquely and that they’re shown alongside elaborate statement pieces. I am continuously inspired by the convergence of fashion and art....” says Stacey Bendet.


FALL 2024

The show this season is an homage to the arts, with vignettes representing different genres of art through the ages—’60s Pop-Art, ’70s abstract murals, ’80s graffiti art, ’90s photography, a cloud room representing AI, an old master surrealist moss sculpture garden, and a bow moment symbolic of timeless fashion as its own art... These intricate sets create the very creative backdrops for what Bendet describes as modern mod looks, timeless with an artistic twist!

The 1960s artist Tom Wesselmann once said, “the challenge for an artist is always to find your own way of doing something,” a sentiment that resonates with fashion design today.


FALL 2024

A collaboration with Tom Wesselmann based on his three paintings Limitless, Still Life, and Natural Beauty, are the basis for the pieces featured throughout the collection. Wesselmann is an iconic artist heavily associated with the Pop-art movement of the ‘60s. His work includes collages and abstract assemblages of everyday objects.

To coincide with a life retrospective of his work later this year, the collection, shown against alice + olivia’s printed and 3d versions of his paintings, brings his art to life in the form of engineered print and knit dresses, incredibly embellished skirts, as well as stand out illustrated figurines from his paintings in pop-art colors.

Throughout the collection, we find styling inspiration rooted in the iconic moments of the ’60s pop era. From impeccably tailored tweed suits that pay homage to old-world glamor of days gone by, to standout crystal and pearl-covered capes paired effortlessly with modern wide-leg pleated pants, the styling of the collection seamlessly merges past and present. shimmering sequined suits, skirts, and swing coats feel fresh and cool and the must-have baggy jeans of the season are juxtaposed with exquisite bouclé jackets.

Sensual and striking jersey dresses for evening wear, which Bendet explores with her trademark vibrant and imaginative flair. From the retro 60s feeling Sequined and tweed jackets to metallic jacquard gowns, the pieces exude opulence and refinement with a creative twist. Boucle color block jackets and skirts offer a contemporary take on classic elegance, while bow-front capes and wide-leg pants evoke a sense of timeless charm. A “stace face” embellished brocade skirt is truly art unto itself!