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Debbie Gibson – author of so many pop anthems, we can’t even begin to count – is the epitome of #bossbabedom. This singer-songwriter/ style icon / music legend / dog mama has always been one of our greatest obsessions and now, with her new album – her first in over 20 years! – Debbie is back to reclaim her crown as the baddest of them all. We chatted with Debbie about “The Body Remembers,” her upcoming tour and all things fashion (duh!).Now that’s an #AOBOSSBABE.

The Interview


How would you describe a bossbabe?

Somebody who is empowered, who is passionate, who stops at nothing to see their vision through. At the same time, they’re kind and joyful, because to me how you treat people is boss.

What is a typical day like for you?

I am so lucky in that my days are so varied, which is exciting to me because I get bored really easily. I wake up and dote on my dogs. I feed them, have my coffee, have my breakfast. Sometimes if I’m doing vocals, I’ll do a vocal warm-up then a little Peloton ride, shower obviously… I’m usually at the piano at some point during the day whether I am writing a new song, or finetuning a song.

What do you love about A + O?

I have been a fan of alice + olivia for so long. Stacey is unbelievable! Her designs are funky, youthful but, at the same time, sophisticated. They’re classy, elegant, strong, bold. It's unbelievable how many alice + olivia pieces I have in my closet! I feel so lucky because I get to wear and model some of my favorite pieces from the spring collection!! I love the rainbow, floor-length skirt. It's like glam yet bohemian. I also love the black top paired with it. It has kind of a rock-and-roll edge and that's totally my vibe. There's also a jacket I'm eyeing that's emerald sequins… I may have to get my hands on that to perform live in.

How would you define your personal style? How do you like to feel in your clothes?

My personal style is definitely girly, flirty, but with a rock and roll edge. It's accessible and it's bold. I like to feel comfortable in my clothes, but I also like to feel like I am rocking what I got. I like to just feel like I am walking into a room and owning who I am.

You released “The Body Remembers” last year — your first album in 20 years! What was the impetus for the album? Were you nervous about putting your work out there again?

It was something that really was inspired by timing—I lived a lot of life in the last couple of decades! I was writing music, but it never felt like it was profound enough to release because I felt like, the next time I release something, it better be something that really speaks to people on many levels. And I feel like I achieved that with this album. This music is very layered.

The music industry has changed dramatically over that time — what was the biggest difference you felt in the album-producing process?

The music industry has changed dramatically and, obviously, the last few years have brought so many changes so the recording process on this album was so virtual. I really wanted to capture the feeling that people were in the room together and create a cohesive vibe, so that was a unique challenge and I hope we accomplished it.


Who’s the artist that excites you most right now? Who are you watching / listening to?

Oh my goodness, the artists that most excite me right now… There are so many! I think Finneas is fantastic. I am a sucker for BTS. They have such great energy. I remember touring Southeast Asia wondering when the world was going to get turned on to K-Pop. It does my heart so much good to see music expanding in this way.

What advice would you give someone who wants to make it in the music industry?

The best thing I can say is that no two paths are alike. And that goes for people in any business, in any career because what's right for someone is not right for someone else. I think it's all about intuition. You have to really kind of follow your own path and your own breadcrumb trail. If your strength’s like performing, get out there and perform. Is your strength releasing stuff on YouTube? If so, do that.

What’s Your “Most Played” song right now?

“Love It When You Hate Me” by Avril Lavigne – I love that she’s her punky, authentic self. Darren Hayes’ “Let’s Try Being In Love” – he’s become a pal of mine. I’m so proud of his reinvention and resurgence. Also “Cold Heart” is on constant rotation. I love Elton and Dua Lipa.

You did a run in Vegas last year — tell us about your costumes / stage fashions.

I’m so lucky because I got to perform in Vegas with my pop soulmate Joey McIntyre. We both have similar tastes like we’re both a little theatrical and funky. We like modern cool clothes, so it was fun having a partner crime in that way, to put it together. I like to deconstruct as a show goes on, so I like to come out super together and glam and by the end of it, I’m barefoot. I like to be playful. It’s like I get to play dress up and kind of showcase every part of my personality. Oh, and fun fact: if you saw me on The Mixtape tour a few years ago, you saw me wearing a lot of Alice + Olivia!

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