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Backstage Beauty: #AOLIVESHOW

Last week we held our first see now, buy now fashion show at NeueHouse in LA to kick off festival season. We called in some friends from Joico, China Glaze and Le Metier De Beaute to help us achieve the perfect festival look that looks effortless and fun. Now that the show’s over we are sharing the how to’s with you so you can recreate it at home on your own!

What you will need:
  • Various elastic bands for braiding
  • Wide tooth comb for light brushing
  • 2" or so curling iron to create a loose wave
  • thermal protecting spray
  • hair shake texture spray
  • temporary color spray
  • volume hair spray

  • Choose the section of your hair you want to be colored (entire braid or 1-2 strands of braid works best).
  • Secure all other hair out of the way of color overspray.
  • Comb out a section of hair to be colored and place a strip of tin foil underneath it. Spray color onto hair until you get the level of color you desire—the more you spray, the more color you’ll see!
  • Use a blowdryer to dry and set the look.
  • Once hair is dry, comb through it so that it isn't stiff and can be braided.
  • Depending on your braid skill level you can do sporadic colored braids throughout your hair, a wrap-around braided crown with a half up bun, or create some awesome pigtails with small rainbow braids throughout.
  • Finally (and this is the fun part), have some fun and mess it up a bit to give your hair that ‘I just had the time of my life dancing at a festival!’ feel. We recommend using your hands to loosen up any braids that look tight and neat and even pulling out a few shorter layers to get the full effect.