Attention Dead heads!

This Spring, Stacey dreamed up a limited edition collection featuring the notorious Grateful Dead dancing bears. Any deadhead would be delighted by the tops, skirts, small pouch and super awesome sneakers! To celebrate the musical muses, we’ve picked some of our favorite facts from their 50-year history.

  • On Jerry’s first album, Garcia, he played all of the instruments except the drum

  • Shows played (1965 and 1995) 2,317 ; Grammys won: Zero.

  • In 1987, Ben & Jerry's unleashed Cherry Garcia ice cream on the world requested by the fans. Royalties are donated to Jerry’s favorite charities.

  • There were special sections at dead shoes for "Deafheads" who are deaf of hearing impaired fans. Sign language was used to translate the lyrics.

  • Hart was kicked out his High School band because his teacher didn't think he could keep a beat.

  • The band's version of “dark star” could last up to 48 minutes.

  • The Dead, over the length of their career, have performed to more people than any other band in history.

  • In 1997 the United States Library of Congress recognized the classic Dead song, “Truckin,” as a national treasure.

  • Jerry was an painter, studying at the Art Institute in San Francisco. At his first art exhibit you could have snagged a Jerry Garcia original for as little as $300!

  • According to legend, the bears were supposed to be marching, not dancing.