Meet our very first #AOWELLNESSBABE, Melissa Wood-Tepperberg! We chatted with this gorgeous mom + Yoga Pilates teacher + creator of the MWH Method to get her top ten on health, how she eats her greens, and what “wellness” really means. Make sure you check out Melissa’s blog, Melissa Wood Health, for everything from plant-based recipes and motherhood, to beauty tips and fashion picks..

In 3 words, what does wellness mean to you?

Taking care of yourself (sorry it's 4!)

Favorite superfood?   

Celery juice hehe

Best health tip?

Do what works best for you and your life. There's so much buzz around the latest fad and it's easy to get lost in things that are working well for other people. You have to hone in and ask yourself are these really working for me?

Favorite workout?

No shame here - my favorite workout is by far my signature 30 minute flow using your own body weight. All my workouts are available on melissawoodhealth.com.

Fruit or veggies?  


Beauty product you can’t live without?

Right now, everything gua sha facial sculpting.

Smoothie or juice?

I love a good green juice but it would have to be my spirulina smoothie that fuels me before a good flow.

In 1 word, describe your style?

Comfortably chic.    

Still or sparkling?


Words of wisdom that you live by?

Be exactly who you are and stay kind along the way.