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Amidst our Good+ toy drive, we had the chance to ask Jess Seinfeld, the founder of the foundation and all-star chef, about being women in this world, her friendship philosophies, favorite recipes and so much more. Let her excellent answers below inspire you to make a donation and whip a tasty meal!

You’ve got quite the repertoire of brilliant recipes! What meal is the most delightful for you to make?

Chicken parmesan. My family goes crazy every single time. It was the also first meal I made for Jerry when we started dating, so there are wonderful memories attached to this delicious dish as well.

Words of wisdom to women?

Invest in the Sisterhood. Support female run businesses. Stay connected to your oldest friends. Surround yourself with women who read, think and have a positive mission in life (and don’t trash other women.)

What’s one thing you try and do every morning when you wake up?

Look at mine, Jerry’s and my kids’ calendar and make sure we are all logistically synced and that we are squeezing the most out of every day.

You’re a great friend and have some all-star homies! What’s your friendship philosophy?

To have true friends you must be a true friend by being loyal, reliable, and consistent. I pay attention to my friend’s daily lives as well as their hopes and dreams. My all-star best friends are from high school and college but I’ve got about 10 women whose friendship I cherish beyond words.

Most recently, what’s had you truly obsessed?

Getting families in need in New York City and Los Angeles transit passes so they can get to work and bring their kids to school and day care. Transportation for adults is not subsidized – but it should be. Transportation is a basic necessity that enables one to better their lives.

What achievement are you most proud of?

Raising children who seem to be grounded and creating an organization called the GOOD+ Foundation, which has paired over 20 million tangible children’s items with transformational services and education to help struggling families across the country. I am also very proud of our Fatherhood program which is helping fathers become dads to their kids, despite not growing up with a role-models in their own home.

Women you admire?

Single mothers.

What do you hope to teach your children?

Having true purpose in life, staying active and engaged in the world is what will make you happy.

What essentials do you not leave home without?

Lipstick, phone, and a MetroCard so I can get around NYC efficiently. Sitting in traffic stresses me out; the subway keeps you moving.

As the founder of the incredible charity Good+ Foundation, which is a champion for the 20%+ children in our country that live in poverty, can you tell us more about the organization and let us know how readers can participate?

GOOD+ Foundation partners with a national network of programs that support the whole family in their journey out of poverty. These programs provide comprehensive services (counseling, job training, and parenting support) while GOOD+ Foundation provides children’s gear and supplies to encourage achievement in these life-changing programs. We help parents take the steps necessary to move their family toward a better future. Stacey Bendet, an essential Good+ board member, is collecting unused toys and baby essentials (bottles, diapers) in all alice & olivia stores through December 19. Make a toy or new baby item donation and you will receive 15% off your purchase. For more information visit, or Like us on Facebook at GOOD+ Foundation and follow us on Twitter and Instagram @GoodPlusFdn.