a+o fall 17 | the enchantress

alice + olivia’s Fall 2017 collection is inspired by Salman Rushdie’s novel, The Enchantress of Florence. The journey of the collection’s heroine - a modern, global woman that has “forged her own life, beyond convention, by the force of her will alone…” - was brought to life through a painted tapestry that travels from Mughal India to Renaissance Florence.

The mixed media piece of artwork was collaged from 50 different sources and, then, the fine details were painted in by hand. Inspired by Indian miniature paintings and detailed floral motifs, the piece took over 120 hours to develop and includes intricate patterns layered over patterns.

The travel theme is communicated with horses, elephants and changing scenery, evoking the line from Rushdie’s novel: “the world is a bridge.” The piece has a uniquely a + o twist as The Enchantress print features a representation of Rushdie’s Lady Black Eyes but as #staceface wearing her signature black shades.