You’ve seen them on Stacey's Instagram & now we’ve got some inside tips on how you can create your very own rainbow rose bouquet! Enjoy! Xo

Step 1: Using scissors trim each stem of its leaves and thorns. Be careful of the thorns… don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Step 2: Remove outside “guard” petals on flowers, typically these are the ones that can sometimes look brown or damaged.

Step 3: Begin to shorten the stems of the flowers according to your vase height. Be sure that your final cut is at a 45 degree angle so that the flowers can drink.

Step 4: Start filling the vase with flowers, they should be clustered together by color. We would recommend starting with 3-4 of each color and then you can always fill it in a bit more with your extra blooms to your desired fullness and vase size.

Step 5: Instagram your work (obviously!) and share it with us #aliceandolivia