A + O Fall 2018 Presentation


alice + olivia by Stacey Bendet’s Fall 2018 presentation was all about revolution - reflecting on the past to understand the present and to change the future. Set in Bendet’s AO University, the significance of education was translated into a series of vignettes representing revolutionary moments in history and honoring the women who played pivotal roles during those moments. Bendet said, “By looking at the women’s movements past and present, I wanted this presentation to pay homage to strong women throughout history, to show how far we have come and how far we still need to go. The show is meant to uplift and inspire women today.”

  And the looks were just as empowering as the women who inspired them. The rainbow jewel tones of red, turquoise, gold and purple were mixed with metallic plaids and leopard prints, colorful sequin stripes made a bold statement in matching sets that gave KiraKira a run for its money, edgy western-wear details like leather with studs and fringe got a romantic touch with ornate Rococo-inspired lace and ruffle blouses, with each ensemble pointing to rebellion, revolution and the force of femininity. This is the ultimate girl boss uniform for strong women around the world – past, present and future.

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