Meet one of the artists behind the Spring 2018 show.

Another member of the talented Willis family, Tallulah wanted to create a room that wasn’t overbearing, but rather would emerge in little details all around. She wanted to have a consistency of palette and line with a clean background for the clothing to be illuminated (literally). A neon sign hung against a white-brick tile wall where Willis’ poetry was sprawled in bold black writing. Bendet designed a group of solid color looks that felt strong and vibrant against the background of Tallulah’s art. A sexy lavender slip is accessorized with a matching wrap belt, jacket, and shoes for a femme, but fierce, monochromatic look. A yellow pantsuit is punctuated with a lavender ruffled top. The fitted, neon pink Malita One Shoulder Ruffle dress was accented with Emerald City green pumps, the color translated onto another look in the dinette: a one-shoulder blouse tucked into show stopping neon orange pants.