Meet one of the artists behind the Spring 2018 show.

You may know her as the eccentric and free-spirited Jessa Johansson on HBO’s Girls, but she’s much more than the role she played. The English-American artist just recently held a solo exhibition at Lower East Side gallery Sargent’s Daughters titled The Ceremony, which showcased a series of portraits of friends and fictional women in wedding dresses as a way to challenge the “antiquated ceremony” of matrimony. Bendet first met the Jemima Kirke at Jemima’s mother’s townhouse through a mutual friend, artist Susie Lopez. For the Spring 18 show, Jemima’s paintings (unrelated to those at her recent exhibition) were displayed in a room that felt much like her mother’s house and also displayed Susie Lopez’s James Joyce annotated artwork pages at the feet of an ornate patterned sofa. The looks shown in what was known as the Living Room are reflective of the back garden of the aforementioned townhouse and featured beautiful mixed floral prints, like a leather floral motto draped over a matching floral sateen dress and paired with a leather choker, and a beaded and embroidered floral ruffled top was styled with a larger floral-patterned wide leg pant – mixing and matching floral prints and patterns.