One day this summer I met Caitlin Jenner and Sophia Hutchins for lunch in Malibu. I was immediately in awe of them both, their stories, their friendship, their journeys, and their new skincare business adventures together. I am not sure what I was expecting, but their warmth and shared genuine determination to do some good in this world completely inspired me. Sophia, while quiet at first, soon struck me as a sharp, savvy businesswoman and someone wise well beyond her years. I found her story (and her style!) refreshing and inspiring, and I thought it should be shared with the ao world!

What does beauty mean to you?

Beauty radiates from the inside- completely! The more beautiful I feel on the outside, the more confident I feel. I take my appearance very seriously, to outwardly reflect how I see myself, and the beauty I see on the inside.

One skin care product you can't live without!Β Β Β 

I couldn't possibly answer, just yet, as I am working on a skincare line! But it is one of my products ;) I also absolutely love my dear friend Jami and Klaus Heidegger's line Retrouvè!

If you could be someone else, dead or alive for a night - who would it be? And what would you do?

Joan Rivers. I love her sense of humor, and I try to always go through life with a sense of humor about everything. There are so many jokes to be made of everything and anything, and I admire her for bringing that to light.

What does your daily beauty regime look like? Your one go-to trick on looking and feeling beautiful?

Healthy skin. Lots of SPF and moisturizer. I like perfecting my base of makeup, looking very dewy and hydrated.

What in your opinion, can we expect in the future for the LGBTQ world? Β 

The future of the LGBTQ world is very bright. We are making huge strides forward every day. We are actively seeking out, and successfully finding, allies that are extremely powerful and influential to help our community. I also serve as the CEO/Executive Director of the Caitlyn Jenner Foundation, and in this role, I have been able to raise nearly a million dollars in 2018. These funds go to serve the most underserved in the LGBTQ community- the transgender community.

You were instrumental in the creation of Crossroads in SGA at your time at Pepperdine. How do you think that experience has helped you in your efforts to support the LGBTQ community outside of university?

I was class president when Pepperdine created its first ever LGBTQ student organization. At a small conservative Christian school, this was a big change, but very much needed. In the future, religious groups will no longer be tolerated for excluding their LGBTQ brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, and beloved friends. I felt this was a huge step in that direction and sent a strong message to Christians not only at Pepperdine, but all over the USA.

What's the one clothing essential you can't live without?

A power suit for women! Love a great feminine pantsuit!

Tell us about your current business ventures and what you are most excited about.

This year, through my role as Executive director of the Caitlyn Jenner Foundation, I have raised nearly $1,000,000. I head up all of our fundraising efforts. I identify donors, sponsors, and corporate partners, creating long-lasting relationships that are mutually beneficial. As Caitlyn's manager, we have booked, and are in the process of, negotiating endorsement deals, brand ambassadorships, dozens of speeches and appearances. I can also say that I am tirelessly working on a startup company, but that's all I can say about that (for now) ;) This is my passion, starting businesses and running them as efficiently as possible. This is also what I am most excited about! Β Β Β 

How do you hope your journey and story inspire other women?

I hope I can inspire other women by continually marching on, doing what I love, as my authentic self, despite what the world says about me. In my life, there is so much negativity from the haters and the press, and if I let it affect me, I would never get out of bed in the morning. If anything, I let the haters, the naysayers, the press, motivate me to keep on fighting and being myself. I have made it this far, and I don't plan on letting anybody stop me. Be a ferocious fighter!