Nell Diamond is the epitome of beauty and brains. Princeton-educated, hardworking and humble, Nell is the next entrepreneur you need to know.

She’s currently making our luxury bedding dreams come true with Hill House Home, which recently celebrated its first birthday. The brand has already proved its prominence and has expanded its collection to sleepwear and accessories. Nell’s entrepreneurial spirit, business savvy, and worldly taste also earned her a place on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 class of 2017. However, it doesn’t stop here. She’s also the mother to ten-month-old Henry who is already growing up to be as chic as his mom (see for yourself @nelliediamond).

We’re thrilled to introduce the elegant entrepreneur, Nell Diamond, as this month’s #aobossbabe!

What’s your boss philosophy? From (one of) my favorite Tracey Emin neon artworks – “Trust Yourself.”

What does creativity mean to you? Creativity is about more than just good ideas – it’s the ability to capture, distill and funnel simple thoughts all the way into executed actions. The most creative people I know – fashion designers, artists, authors – are also the most structured, regimented and analytical. They’ve tried and tested millions of ways to get the best output of the seeds of creativity in their brains, and they have real, clear strategies.

Customization in fashion is currently trending. What’s your take on it? I think the popularity of customization is a reaction to what’s felt like years of impersonal, frustrating customer experience. When we shop, we’re faced with endless options and very little expert knowledge about the key differences between products and brands. When you offer people a chance to play a creative role in what they purchase – to quite literally, put their name on it – it allows them to feel ownership without inducing decision fatigue. Customization brings the humanity back into shopping for yourself and your home, allowing you to make decisions within parameters that feel comfortable to you.

What inspired Hill House Home? I wanted to create products that make you love the space you live in. Waking up in a space that feels special and beautiful can really change the way you see yourself and the way you go about your day. As someone who is constantly moving, I know how important it is to create a sense of home wherever you live, and I want to help people figure out how to do that for themselves. For me, the home starts with the bed – it’s the center of everything – and beautiful, long-lasting sheets are the foundation that the home is built on.

Where do you see yourself in five years? Making lots more beautiful products for the home, traveling with Henry and my family, aging gracefully!

You’ve grown up all over the world. What key lesson have you taken away from all of your travels? Perspective. Travel to strange places – whether it’s a new neighbourhood or a new continent – challenges us to rethink the relative importance of our own daily anxieties. It can be so easy to see our own problems as these huge, looming, profound things, and suddenly they become so small when we step outside our familiar routines. Travel has this incredible ability to fortify and restore us for anything we might face.  

Henry is so precious! If you could teach your son anything, what would it be? Kindness and empathy.

Who inspires you? So many people. Today it’s Cecile Richards of Planned Parenthood and Caryl Stern of UNICEF. Every day I add to the list!

What’s #1 on your bucket list? I want to travel more within the U.S. – especially to the National Parks.

What’s on your desk? Notebooks, hand sanitizer, lots and lots of colorful markers and pens, a photo from my wedding and a little dish to store my rings – I can’t wear them when I type!

Words to live by? “There's only one rule that I know of, babies—God damn it, you've got to be kind.” – Kurt Vonnegut

Head or heart? [in terms of decision-making] Head first, Heart last. First, do the analytical work needed to gather information, then, go with your gut.

What makes a good leader? Emotional Intelligence.