A woman of many talents, Jessica Seinfeld is a food superstar, philanthropist, mother of three and wife to one of America’s funniest men.

Jessica has made her way into the most important room in the house (the kitchen, of course!) with her three New York Times bestselling cookbooks and has recently released a fourth with “Food Swings: 125+ Recipes to Enjoy Your Life of Virtue & Vice”, which recognizes that we all need balance in life. Spoiler alert: moderation is the answer, ladies.

If feeding our bellies wasn’t enough, she’s also feeding our souls as the Founder and President of GOOD+ Foundation. This non-profit organization has donated over 20 million children's items and provides transformational services and education to break the cycle of poverty in our country at the family-level making her the ultimate multi-tasking #aobossbabe!

Who do you admire? Single mothers and single fathers

What essentials do you not leave home without? My phone, a favorite lipstick, a Metrocard and a Citibike key…all to avoid sitting in NYC traffic.

Words of wisdom to women? Surround yourself with people who are too busy and fulfilled with work/family/life to gossip about others. Elevate the quality of everything you read, watch, and eat. I avoid everything that feels like a train-wreck. That part of our culture is not helping anyone.

You’ve got quite the repertoire of brilliant recipes! What meal is the most delightful for you to make? Chicken parmesan. My family goes crazy every single time. It was also the first meal I made for Jerry [Seinfeld] when we started dating, so there are wonderful memories attached to this delicious dish as well.

Go-to desk lunch? Chia pudding with berries. It is quick to make at your desk, filling and satisfying but doesn’t leave you sluggish.

Most-used app? Instagram.

If you could invite anyone over for dinner, who would it be? Barack and Michelle Obama and Oprah, always Oprah.  

What would you cook? Comfort food.

One word you repeat at least 10 times per day is… grateful.

Your biggest virtue is? Vice? Oddly and annoyingly, I prefer fruit and vegetables over anything. On the other hand, I am powerless to bread and butter.

What business mantra do you live by? Surround yourself with the highest quality people, and don’t say yes to every opportunity that comes your way. I found saying “no” keeps you laser focused on your mission.