Jenny is an actress, New York Times bestselling author, mom and wife living in NYC. She does all of this while maintaining her humor and sanity, making her the ultimate #AOBossBabe. Learn more about her and her tips for balancing it all, and if you don't already - follow her on Instagram; you're guaranteed to laugh daily.

You seem to do it all… acting, writing & raising a family. What is a typical day like for you?

I pretend to be asleep just long enough for my husband to get up with my son Sid. Just before he is off to school, I appear and play like I am super bummed I missed out on the drama of dressing him and brushing his teeth. The baby flies in almost as if he were suspended from the ceiling. I snuggle his face off while simultaneously imploring my baby nurse to never leave me. I then go to get dressed for my day. Typically I forget to brush my hair but manage to apply mascara and sunscreen. I judge myself in the mirror for several minutes, debating whether or not I look homeless then grab my laptop, my keys and something I’m no longer wearing that I think might look cute on my baby nurse before heading out. I stop to give my baby nurse her new outfit then head to a coffee shop where I spend the rest of the day writing. Around 4 I try to work out. Around 4:30 I stop trying. Sid returns from School at 5, we have dinner, I prepare his lunch for the next day, give him a bath and then spend the next 5 hours trying to convince him to sleep in his own room. At 10pm I crawl in bed with my husband and talk about how we may never have sex again. We turn on the Crown, watch a few minutes then fall asleep. At 2am Laz starts crying. I go to his room where he and my baby nurse are having a disco party. I hang out for about an hour, then sleep walk back to my room. Around 4am Laz wakes again. I try to block him out. It doesn’t work. I bite my nails in bed and think about the morning until my room floods with light and I hear Sid stirring.

You’ve been on the New York Times Bestseller list, what are your biggest inspirations for when you’re writing?

I love writing about my family. I think in some ways we never recover from our childhood and being able to write about it/them provides me with a great deal of catharsis.

What advice would you give to young women trying to break into the entertainment industry today?

My advice would be to tell your own story. Don’t try to be anyone else and for the love of god, don’t become an actress. The only time I find acting to be a good idea is when you are in the driver’s seat on a project. Waiting around for someone else to tell you that you can work is just masochistic and stupid.

What is your favorite part of being a mother?

I never knew I was capable of loving this much.

Least favorite?

Loving this much is the scariest most vulnerable thing that’s ever happened to me.

Coffee or tea?

Both. With an additional shot of espresso.

Early bird or night owl?

Early bird but DO NOT TELL MY HUSBAND.

Instagram or twitter? And why?

Twitter changed my life. It gave me a platform and a voice but with Instagram I’ve found a way to not just tell a joke but to tell a story.

Favorite show to binge?

I can’t tell if I loved binge watching Narcos or I just loved listening to the opening credits.

What does being an AO Boss Babe mean to you?

Being a Boss Babe is so validating. It makes me feel like all the hours spent pounding on my laptop actually amounted to something. If I ever move back to LA I might have to look into getting AO BOSS BABE on a license plate. Or tombstone… Let’s see where the next few months take me.