DJ by night and head chef by day, meet Caroline D’Amore; co-owner of famed D’Amores Pizza and a total momtrepreneur. Having grown up in the restaurant biz, it’s no surprise she can handle DJ sets and restaurant openings until 4am… and more. When she’s not busy raising her daughter, devising D’Amores business plans, or opening for Diplo, you can find her perfecting and promoting her own pasta and pizza sauce line, Pizza Girl. The line is based off her grandmother’s recipes and needless to say, it’s mouthwatering. She’s going full force with lots of fuel—pizza literally runs through her veins. We’re excited to introduce Caroline D’Amore as our latest #AOBOSSBABE.

Who do you admire?

I admire Jessica Alba. I was recently asked to cater her Honest holiday party and I was so impressed with her office, company and what she has done with her product line offering something people need. That's how I see myself with Pizza Girl. The world needs an organic at home Italian food line of products they can trust to feed their loved ones.

What essentials do you not leave home without?   

The essentials I do not leave home without. My Stila red convertible compact. I love adding an easy Rosie lip & cheek without looking like I'm wearing too much makeup, my MAC DazzleGlass lip gloss in case I need to boost it up if I can't go home before a night event, My mac ear pods. They look extremely silly but really help when multitasking.

Words of wisdom to women?

Never take NO for an answer just keep banging down doors until you've achieved your goal. I never wanted to be pushy or bothersome but now looking back my friends that were both are extremely successful. The squeaky wheel definitely gets the oil. Just have class when doing so. Invite like minded people to dinners and find ways to keep yourself surrounded by those who have similar goals.

What is your favorite meal to make?

My favorite meal to make is simply Pizza Girl Marinara over a pasta of choice. I add in veggies or chicken to switch it up.

Most used app?  

I'm not going to deny that Instagram is my most used app. Between running social for @pizzagirlofficial and @damoresfamouspizza plus my personal sometimes I feel like it’s a full-time job. Other than that, I love instacart. I've been learning to delegate more and not wasting time at the supermarket saves me hours each week. I get it all done every Monday morning on the app. It also saves my favorites so the time it saves is worth a lot.

Ideal Dinner Guest List?

I love a good meeting of the minds. a dinner well spent is with people who understand your goals and have either been through it already or are also going through it.

What does being a Boss Babe mean to you?

Being a Boss Babe is something that I feel is extr4emely empowering. Shows strength and hopefully will show other females they can do whatever they set out to achieve as long as they set their goals, plan, attack and never give up.

Coffee or tea?

Coffee all day every day.    

Morning or night?

You'd think I’d be a night person after all my years djing and having a restaurant that's opening until 4am 7 days a week. But my brain works best after that 1st cup of coffee at 7 am. I get all my actual hard concentrated work done from 7 am to 3 pm. It best to learn your bodies best times to do different things so you go with the flow rather than fight against your tired mind and body and wonder why nothing is getting done.

Favorite show to binge?

Lately I'm obsessed with food documentaries. It’s crazy how one says sugar and carbs will kill you and another says its meat. after all my research and what my own body tells me it’s truly just everything in moderation and little to no processed foods. Go as organic as possible and you will live a much more fulfilled healthy life.