What drew you to the world of art?

The people. The stories. The craftsmanship.

An upcoming artist that’s currently inspiring you?

Derrick Adams creates mixed-media collage works that make my heart sing. Derrick is a keen observer of his environment and at his core, an eternal optimist. His work examines the impact our surroundings have on our construction of self-image. Derrick has an exhibit at the Museum of Arts & Design titled Sanctuary that runs throughout the summer. The show is inspired by The Negro Motorist Green Book, a guidebook for black American travelers during the Jim Crow era from the 30’s-60’s. The book listed establishments that were safe and welcoming in unknown territory, during a period when open discrimination was widespread. It’s a poignant and important show, especially with the current climate.

What excites you most about the evolution of art in today’s world

Enjoyment of art is more democratic now than ever before. With the explosion of the “Art Fair,” everyone can experience being in the center of the art world. You can see everything in-person, from the most exquisite, important pieces to the most awful, overpriced ones - equally fun to see. If you’re interested in the art world but feeling like you don’t know where to start, check out The Cultivist, a membership club that unlocks the doors to the art world. Founded by superbabe Marlies Verhoeven, The Cultivist gives the type of access usually only available to important collectors: previews of museum and gallery shows, dinners with artists in their studios, tickets to art fairs, the whole shebang.

What advice do you have for young women exploring a career in art?

Be diligent with your work ethic – it will become your calling card. Build your self-esteem by doing things that are hard and learning what works. As importantly, pay attention to what doesn’t work. Don’t be too rigid in the path you follow. Allow yourself to reassess and adjust course, just keep moving forward. Successful careers are not planned, they are developed. Your growth - in your life and in your career - should be the product of your evolution. Ask yourself the hard questions: What is your purpose? What do you want to contribute to the world? Happiness is important but what will get you out of bed on a day you don’t feel like it? You have to be committed to something bigger then yourself and you have to believe in it.

If you could have dinner with two of your favorite artists, who would you choose?

Simon and Niki Haas – twin dream. We would be dressed up in fabulous clothing, but the kind that you can sit comfortably on the floor; And we would have dinner on a blanket on the floor of their studio, surrounded by all their magical creations. Maybe afterwards we go and play pool. I really want to manifest this.

What’s your boss babe philosophy?

Three prongs: Be kind, be humble and be opportunistic.

Number one: Self-explanatory. Be kind to your colleagues and be kind to yourself. It’s clinically proven to prevent wrinkles.

Number two: Humility translates as strength. Humble people have high self-esteem. You can only truly be humble if you feel really good about yourself. Having said that, do not hide behind humility: Nobody gets a promotion for being self-deprecating or sheepish. As women, we tend to question ourselves more than men do; But if we channel that, it can be a great strength. Self-critique is most useful in self-improvement. No pressure, no diamond.

Number three: Opportunities go to opportunistic people. Seize every chance to learn, every chance to grow in your tasks and responsibilities. Stick your foot in that door and open it for yourself. Being respectful and humble is very helpful with this because you don’t want to be aggressive. It is possible to be hungry without being ravenous.

Describe the synthesis of art and fashion in one sentence.

Artist Zoe Buckman and Casey Fremont Crowe of Art Production Fund work together to create CHAMP, a 36’-tall neon uterus sculpture on Sunset Boulevard, sponsored by Stacey Bendet of Fashion House Alice & Olivia.

Your guilty pleasure?


The one beauty product you can’t live without?

S.OIL – a serum-oil hybrid created by my husband. S.OIL is magical organic hair food with no chemicals or additives. I put it in my hair before I shampoo, every time, and I swear it has given my hair superpowers. I use it all over my body because it absorbs quickly and smells amazing.

Your 5 wardrobe essentials?

A single-soled pump, a black pantsuit, a white pantsuit, a red pantsuit, underwear.

Describe your summer style? 

Style is style, year-round. In the summer, I change to lighter, more breathable fabrics and I wear brighter colors but besides that, I’m in my usual wardrobe. I like to dress up. I’m not a shorts-and-flipflops kind of gal, no matter what the weather.

Your ideal weekend getaway?

My husband and I have a place upstate in this sweet little town called Gardiner. We built a barn and filled it with fun machines for making art. We have a wheel and a kiln, a full woodshop, metal-working tools, painting stuff; And the whole place is run on solar power. This year, Jordan’s mom and I planted a garden with all these beautiful vegetables. It’s less than two hours out of the city but it feels like a different world. We go there to decompress and make art, to play in the woods and get our hands dirty. It’s a retreat for us.